Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 6 Progress Report

I recently posted a before and after photo on my favorite social media outlets and immediately the messages starting pouring in from my girlfriends-
"You look great! What are you doing?"
"Did you join a gym?"

And the answer is no- There's no gym involved. Frankly with the way most prices are combined with my lack of desire to leave the house once I'm home from work, gyms really don't work for me after the first week. 

So what's going on? Starvation? Hardly. 

I eat what I want but all things in moderation. If I want a burger I have a burger but I try to take off all the bread. I fill my plate with lots of veggies and little of anything else. 
And I love my smoothies! 

Substitute frozen berries for ice cream, Light Soy Milk instead of sugar and  fresh berries, oranges or OJ and I'm set!

 I try to eat more fish than any other meat but I do not deny my body when I'm craving something. I allow myself one small square of dark chocolate every night as my little reward for working hard. I exchanged salty foods like chips for almonds or other mixed nuts. It's just eating smarter. Fill up on the good stuff before you start on the not-so-good. 

TIP- When shopping remember; If it's not in the house you can't eat it!

 I also did a 1 week challenge on clean eating! For more information see my "Clean Eating Challenge" Post.

Now for the exercise portion-
I know what you're thinking...

That's right! 
And I've only gone out "jogging" once in that 6 weeks. 

I say "jogging" because my version is to jog for 1-2 minutes, walk briskly for 2 minutes and repeat. It's not an exact science as much as I have zero stamina. 

I have been using a program called AthleanXX for women.
It is a series of several DVDs, each focusing on a different target area of the body. 
And it's amazing! It will not kill you like some other big name at home workout programs. It will not take an hour of your very busy day. Every DVD is between 15-35 minutes!

I am not a promoter and AthleanXX doesn't even know that this is being posted. So please take this information as an unbiased woman who is seeing results and they're coming FAST. That picture at the start is 6 weeks in. If I had to skip a day of working out, I simply did two workouts on the next day that I could. 

Simply put-  Don't diet. Eat healthy. 
Don't exercise but train your body. 

Focus on the areas you're working on instead of just going through the motions. 

And when you're walking up that hill, or up those stairs or around the corner... squeeze that butt :) Every little bit helps!

Good luck!
I can't wait to see what happens in the next 6 weeks!

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