Saturday, November 9, 2013

Clean Eating Challenge: Day 1

Yesterday I presented a challenge. 
1 Week of clean eating. 
Give up those breads and sugars. 

So what does that mean? 

I had to go shopping. 

Fruits, veggies, salmon and haddock!
And lots of smoothie-makin' goodness.

So now that I am all set for the week of YUM (and I hope you are too) this is what Day 1 looked like for me!

Special K 3 grain cereal with chopped up plain mixed nuts and 3 pieces of 80% dark (fair trade) chocolate. And when I say pieces, I mean very small predetermined pieces. 
This starter was accompanied by a latte with no sugar. ZING!

Lunch time was a fair amount of seedless red grape. I cut each one in half so that they would last even longer. :)

Then I drizzled organic honey over the top for a little sweetness. 
A tall glass of cold water made this incredibly refreshing. 

Dinner was a treat! 
One small wild salmon filet with steamed green beans drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.

Now there is a WONDERFUL hint for healthier eating 
and here it is-

Use a smaller plate when trying to eat smaller portions. Instead of seeing a small meal on a large plate you have an overflowing feast before your eyes. 

Work a little psychology into your health plan ;)

Keep it up, kids!

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