Friday, October 25, 2013

Decor That Won't Bore: Halloween Pt 3

The tips and tricks below are guaranteed to send a least one of your party guests into a state of, "NUH UH!" as we will be focuses on decoration with two items that are actual fears for a major part of the population.

The fear of spiders or Arachnophobia is the rated as the 3rd most populated phobia category; with death being 2nd oddly enough and public speaking being 1st. 
I question these statistics myself but hey, I found it on the internet so it must be true right? ::Rolls eyes and continues::

The fear of snakes also known as Ophidiophobia is another phobia that is widely suffered.

And the fact that you are aware of these makes you all the more dangerous of a host :)

Make sure to set the mood for your guests before they even walk through the door! In fact, make getting through the door a feat in itself. 

Take a common none-leafy wreath of any color (don't hassle trying to find a black one) and buy a some cheap toy snakes, again don't worry about the colors. Attache the snakes twisting and winding around the wreath and tie them in place with either fishing wire or florist wire which can be found at any craft store. Next, GO OUTSIDE and spray paint your finished product black. Let it dry completely and then you will be hated among several but cheered by more!

If your snakephobia guests are taking a bit too long to cross the threshold, primarily due to holding a steady gaze at your masterpiece, calmly point their attention down... 

Make sure you get a few extra of those toy snakes to put sneaking out from under your door mat. Your already uneasy guests will leap back or over, so get out of their way!

Once inside, don't let your captives think that they are now safe. Take pretty glass or plastic containers and fill them with either one large or several mini phobia-related creatures. 
Make sure to have a couple containers toppled with their inhabitants escaping.

You can have your party goers ducking and dodging 
all night with these little beauties!

Take a pair of white tights and cut the legs off- Mwahaha
Put a white balloon that has been slightly inflated (NOT with helium) in the bottom, foot-area of your tights along with a few black plastic spiders. Again, you can always spray paint so don't go crazy trying to find the perfect ones. And then glue several spiders on the outside of the tights as well, with more clustered at the bottom than the top. 
Attach to the ceiling an VOILA!

You can also use this scare with cotton fillers and 
sheets from the craft store!

This next piece has been a favorite of mine this season and as always- it's quite simple to accomplish.

For full instructions please go to 

But any black vase and flower arrangement can be altered to provoke questioning glances.

Just add a bit of cheap webbing that you find anywhere Halloween items are sold and spread it around the top of your bouquet. Bring a small amount of webbing to the base of your vase

If you really are not trying to make your attendees uncomfortable then you could always use stylish decor that will leave their breathing at a regular pace. 
Find white crochet doilies and white yarn to attach the piece to the corner of your choice. The trick here is to not make the "web even, so tie your yarn at varying points and pull in uneven directions. 

There will be more spider related treats in Part 4 of this series- And they will be edible :)


  1. Love this post, I think I'll try some of these ideas tonight.
    Lori in Atlanta

    1. Thanks Lori!
      I would love to know what you've tried and how you got on!
      I love these as they are really so simple!
      The snakes under mat- so easy and yet so creepy!

      Happy Haunting!


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