Thursday, January 14, 2016

Those Pesky Pounds

As many of us trudge on through our goals and resolutions to diet, exercise and live that perfectly balanced life... life itself gets in the way. I mean, seriously who does this whole living healthy thing right all the time and where’s the hypnotist to help give me that sort of mindset?

What happened?
Many of you followed my brilliant 2 months of incredible weight loss and it was truly an achievement {and in a healthy way}. But as soon as I came back to the states and I was presented with a full time desk job, the onslaught of fast food and microwavable meals, life seemed to just get in the way. Since I did not have any goals at the time of my homecoming {as my original goal’s end date was when I got on the plane to come home}I was not trying to lose weight and I ended up gaining well over 40 pounds because I also did not have a goal to stay healthy.

Now what?
Now I find myself living in lovely Florida with bikini season right around the corner and I cannot even manage to wear a sleeveless blouse without feeling socially pressured to disguise my extra pounds as a bunched sweater sleeve. So with that uncomfortable existence looming over me I invite you once more to come along on a new journey with me. I will be losing the weight and this time, keeping it off, by making healthy living a lifestyle {no hypnotist involved}. 

Next time…
Keep an eye out for how-to posts for recipes, exercise, mindsets and updates on everything from my weight, my size and my frame of mind.

Starting: January, 14th 2016 at 182 lbs
Yeah, I posted it. There’s nothing to fear in a number. My number is someones goal. What I am not proud of is the health choices that I have {or haven’t} made in the past two years. It’s not about a resolution, or a desire to fit in, or to even be comfortable in my bikini. It is my goal to work hard to be the happiest version of myself possible and hopefully that will inspire others to find their happy as well.

My happy is me healthy.
What’s your happy?

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