Saturday, November 16, 2013

Decor That Won't Bore: Affordable Thankgiving

Are you planning a feast? Inviting a plethora of people into your home this Thanksgiving? 
 Here are a couple decor ideas that will make you a proud pilgrim welcoming everyone in!

An eye-catching center piece is that easiest way to make an impression, and gone are the days of cornucopias...
Bring in a bit of nature! One long medium sized branch sawed into several different heights makes quite a visual impact. Especially when paired with pine cones, moss and candles placed inside mason jars. 
Easy and affordable! Just go outside for the bulk of your materials!

You know all those little pumpkins that go on sale right after Halloween? Buy them! If they are colors you don't care for simply paint them! There's so much you can do with the little things!

From center places to games!


If you are having trouble locating mini gourds- apples are a great alternative!

Pair with tea light candles for a glowing ambiance!

Once you have determined your center piece 
now we can talk place settings!

This is the simplest trick that makes a big impact!
Find flat fallen leaves, or pick your own leaves and keep them between book pages to flatten them for a day or two. To make sure the leaves are clean, gently wipe them with baby wipes. Then take a black sharpie and scribe the name of your guest onto the symbol of autumn's glory. 

It is nearly mandatory to have an opportunity for your guests to reflect and share what they are thankful for. This was one of the easiest ways I have found anywhere. Use your black sharpie marker to script the big question onto brown paper and make sure to use a straight edge for the lines! 

 I have been mildly obsessed with chalk board paint lately so I couldn't help but throw in a few ideas along 
those lines as well. 

Use chalkboard paint (either bought or made) to paint anything from mini plates or small paper plate to go on top of your chargers! These can be used to then scribble either the menu, place settings or even supply a piece of chalk at each and have these as your "what are you thankful for?" presentation.

If you are brave and amazing enough to have a chalk board base to your table you can draw place mats and doodle 
fun messages and silverware!

Sometimes beauty is really in the details. 
Use a split walnut shell to cradle the 
salt and pepper for your table. 
Place pairs throughout the table. 

Sometimes different meal or drink items can be striking and can be doubled for visual appeal!

One 3-liter bottle of Sprite 2 cans of cranberry juice concentrate extras to make it fun and festive: I used real cranberries and star-shaped ice cubes

For the non-alcoholic version, add 1 bottle Sparkling Cider; For the alcoholic version, 1 bottle sparkling wine {pick your fave}
Make sure it is a lovely vessel for that extra little something!

Happy Thanksgiving All! Make sure to get that Wishbone!


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