Friday, November 15, 2013

Clean Eating Challenge: Day 3

How are you feeling foodies?

Just so you guys know I did some  stretching today :) 
Here's the poses I did- hold each for 30 seconds or more. 

Day 3 on the weekly challenge proved difficult but we'll get there. For now let me say that the morning consisted of a non-sugary cereal with some crushed mixed nuts and skim milk. 

TIP: I've also discovered that not only does low fat soy milk have less calories but it's sweeter than regular milk- GREAT IN COFFEE when you're not wanting to add sugar. 

Lunch was a caprices salad:
Mozzarella Cheese
Balsamic Vinaigrette 

Here's where that difficult part came in-
I had a speaking engagement and the ladies of the women's group were quite insistent on my joining them for tea and .... apple tart. 

So I opting to not be rude prior to my talk and I partook. 
But I am admitting it here!
It is a good lesson in that you never know what may come up and you can't beat yourself up for it. But it was good that I had fully resisted my all other temptations that day!

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