Thursday, October 24, 2013

Decor That Won't Bore: Halloween

Hello my favorite monsters!

It's that time of year where Tales from the Crypt only pause for trick or treating and 
Hocus Pocus is on constant replay. 

Are you hosting a Who's Who costume party
A Creature Feature?
A Haunted Happening?

But let me guess...

You're tired of decorating with the same cut-outs that the teachers are using in their classrooms; the plastic door covers and all?

Here are some of my favorite finds for this season 
on throwing a Shining Shindig

Now, say it with me ATMOSPHERE!

And what is atmosphere without mood lighting?
Now this look above definitely works best for the red to show up better but you could still possibly use black or purple for a more subtle look. 

This ambiance is not for the faint of heart. If you are wanting something a little less gore and a lot more glam- try this! 

Simply put your tea light candles on top of your apple and trace around the connecting point. Then cut your shape and gut out the middle to make space to sit your candle inside. Super easy!

So your not into gore but this isn't "Halloweeny" enough-- 
I know just the thing!

Very similar technique as used with the apples-
Take the back off of the frame of your choice, put it up to your pumpkin and trace the inside of the frame 
where the two come together.
Instead of emptying your pumpkin from the top - you would cut out the shape you just drew and empty the beast out from there.
Glue your frame to the pumpkin and be careful not to get glue on the inside for fire safety!

Another simple yet elegant way of combining the two without the fire hazard risk! 

Now speaking of Pumpkins!

Simply finding a new way to display these little traditions is eye catching, but what if you decorated them differently for your Goulish Gala?

A trending way to reVAMP the old carving technique is to paint your pumpkin white and then paint something slightly whimsical in black on the surface. Very kid friendly with no knives involved!

Here is one that I LOVE
 And the good thing is most of you won't have to go out and spend money on pretty black lace! And old pair of black tights with a lovely design on them work just as well, as shown above!

But you still want something... a little different? 
A little disturbing?

Use what ever you like to cut small circle or hole punch your orange gourd and then pop in little toy mice, going in and out and climbing onto and below! You could also use toy centipedes and tarantulas instead!   

If you need some help with the shapes check out the next idea!

Use cookie cutters and rubber mallet or hammer to make your shapes with ease! A star pumpkin would be amazing!

How about Jack-O-Lanterns that serve a purpose?!

This is my favorite!
You want to pick out a nice wide pumpkin for this 
and then cut off the top third of it. 
Scrape everything out! You want to insert a glass bowl to keep your gourd from getting soggy and eventually falling apart. 
If the bowl isa bit too big there's no need to panic! 
Just scrape some move of the inside out.
You pumpkin bowl is now ready for your beverages of choice and don't forget the ice to keep them chilled.

Another way to use a gutted gourd is put a can or vase inside inside of a bowl and use it as a flower pot

So you have this amazing guacamole recipe but everyone wipes it out before you ever get any yourself... 

There's a pumpkin for that!

Carve an ill face with a large hole for the mouth at the bottom and scope in the guac! It's a great statement piece but the food does tend to last a little longer.

Here's a treat for what you can expect in the next post:
Cut out shapes, bloody cakes, creepy spiders and slithering snakes! Have a Frightening Festival!


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