Sunday, December 15, 2013

Quick and Easy Christmas Ideas!

Hello All You Festive Folk!

Whether you are throwing a chic shindig or just spending some time with the family this holiday season here are some easy ideas to make things a little more jolly!

No matter your plans you want to create a mood for your home. 
Pine tree like garland intertwined with white Christmas lights is a classy way to turn shabby into chic!
I am a person fan of not using the giant gold ribbon but trim away if it makes you happy!

Now lets be honest...the veggie tray has outstayed its welcome at EVERY function throughout the year.
So add some POP when you can!

In any craft store you can find these foam cones and press your mini trees (broccoli) into the base and work your way up! Once your basic tree is complete, start decorating!  Use slices of red bell peppers for garland, baby carrots slide in easily and add some tiny tomatoes by using tooth picks to secure them! You can even cut a star out of a yellow bell pepper for the top of your Christmas tree!

Everyone loves a Christmas cocktail!
And here's your recipe!
Partridge in a Pear Tree Holiday Cocktail 
1½ oz pear vodka 
½ oz lemon juice 
½ oz simple syrup ( or agave nectar) 
Champagne Rosemary, cut into 1½ inch sprigs

What do you get for that guy on your list 
that is dating so-and-so?

Bam! Ask so-and-so (hopefully she has a better name than this) what her guys favorite beer is and then apply eye stickers, pipe cleaner antlers and a little red puff ball of a nose 
(all available at any craft store) 
and you'll have a happy gent indeed!

Speaking of presents- 
Holiday wrapping paper can be a bit cheesy. Why not go with one of these alternatives to your cartoon type of papers? It all starts with simple brown paper.

Taking an alphabet of stamps you can 
custom any gift and forego labels as well! 
Add a ribbon for special effect or 
I am ALWAYS one for using twine!

Another easy option is to forego names entirely!

Simply smack a photo of your recipient 
on their gift and your down! 
Easy but you'll be the talk around the tree!

Oh, the tree!

If this is your first Christmas with a special someone then make sure you get a memento!

Saw off part of the trunk, before or after the season, your call. And make an ornament for the next year! You can add to your collect year after year if you fancy!

If you are one of those families who makes it a point to leave cookies and milk for Santa make sure you include the rest of his night crew working overtime!
My mom always made sure to leave some bound hay for the reindeer but this one goes even a step further!

Donuts for the elves!
Take a match box and fill it with wheat cheerios, frosted cheerios and if your feeling extra crafty- take some original cheerios, dip a side in chocolate and then sprinkle away! 


Finally, a nice and easy gift for your office 
or treat for your guests!
Dip one end of a candy cane into white chocolate and sprinkle with some white nonpareils.


Merry Christmas, kids!
Enjoy it!

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