Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fashion For the Gent- UK

During my short time here in the UK I have noticed that the average gentleman dresses differently than that of the typical US male. It nearly seems as if the "hipster" people group is mirroring the general public of our friends across the pond. 

Le Hipster- Add beanie and specks to flavor

Here are a few of the typical UK pieces that seem to be staples in nearly ever man's wardrobe.

Within the first week the number one item that stood out to me and also brought a massive smile to my face every time was-

no matter how well dressed a gent was...

He always had on fun yet classy socks!
Stripes, holiday sweater type of patterns, argyle... 
the list continues but it was a nice way to add 
personality to any ensemble.

I have seen more colors for gentlemen's trousers than I thought were possible. Mustard yellow, olive green and dark burgundy seem to be the favorites easily. These come in many different forms but my personal favorite is in corduroy.

Mmmm Love me some some cords!

Now here's the real investment. 
An impressive piece of outerwear!
This could be any item from a sweater, suit jacket or winter coat but it will be a statement piece. 
And the statement will say that you're sexy and smart!

First- Please notice the colored britches :)
Now under that remarkable piece of outer wear-- the mans man will have some layers going on. These will most often consist of one solid (usually knit) piece and a print. The prints are typically plaid or of a striped fashion. 

Okay so we have the layers shirts-solids and stripes like in any good 'ol game of 8 ball. We also have a superb coat. The new trend in this case is the cuffed jean. Skinny leg or straight leg- it doesn't matter. Give them two or three small rolls and you are a walking fashion statement. 

So your typical UK sir of style will be dressed a bit like this-

With some amazing socks of course. 

But you can still add some American flare----
Let's here it for the red, white and blue!

A class act 100%

These are your basic belongings to search for during your next UK visit or if you just wish to make your appearance that of an international man of the world who understands 
style that crosses all boarder!

Have fun with your wardrobe and as always gents, stay classy!

Some are just born with it ;)

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