Friday, October 25, 2013

Decor That Won't Bore: Halloween Pt 2

Greetings Ghosts and Ghouls!

I hope you enjoyed the last Halloween Decor post on Atmosphere and twists on the traditional Pumpkin

This time we're going to focus on some little decor details- with a couple surprises along the way. 

This first one is something that my mother put into action at one of her last parties and it was a huge hit!


It is very simple to find a rat silhouette online. Pick the shapes you like and cut them out and you're ready for placing!

I found something similar if you wish that your guests remain downstairs for the evening. 

It's a very nice way of saying, "DO NOT ENTER!"

But maybe you want to say that in a way that will 
cause a fright or two....

Placing one of these at the top of your stairs will catch more than one unsuspecting climber off guard!
Use a mannequin or sewing form (with a Styrofoam wig head attached) then covered your piece with dark fabric of your choice and finally drape in tulle or gauze or another white see through fabric guaranteed to give the heebie jeebies

Back to some easy cut-outs. We've already covered the floor so lets focus our attention...up.

Again, very simple to find bat silhouettes online and all you have to do and cut them out and set them up. 
I've found that this effect works best when you attached the body of your bats to the ceiling or walls but 
let the wings hang freely. 

Let's think a little bit bigger...

You're going to need a lot of large black construction board or even a roll of black craft paper. Measure the width and height of your windows and then have fun creating creature and tentacles that fit nicely inside those perimeters. Make sure to vary the height of your monsters!

That's all this time Freaks and Shrieks! Up next on the Halloween Decor- Spiders and Snakes!

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