Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What You Do Impacts Lives

What is possible? What can be done is a 
world rampant with injustice?

Take less than 5 minutes of 1,440 you are given today and watch these two super short videos about the 
organization I work for.

There is hope. There are tangible results found in the renewed happiness of survivors and the persecution of perpetrators. 

I am an intern for this incredible organization.

I work on the ground level of raising awareness of injustice in the world and what local people can do to have a global impact.

I am currently based in Northern Ireland and I have been active in my roll for 2 weeks now. I am reminded daily 
that my work is important as I have to want 
results more that the predators.

The internship is unpaid and the living expenses are unfunded. Unfortunately with the desperate need of victims and survivors IJM cannot pay internship positions. Our hearts are willing to do this work regardless of not making a penny but practicality still says that bills, rent and food all have to be paid none-the-less.

I ask that you would take a moment to go to another website of mine. You can click the link here or find it in the sidebar of this blog. The site is http://www.gofundme.com/help-laci-change-lives

From there you can read my bio and you have 
3 different options from that point. 

  1. You can choose to pray for the willing hearts of those able to donate. That this work will by the grace of God be funded.
  2. You can pass this information on to those in your circles who may find interest in the cause. I have a letter drawn up specifically for churches if you believe your congregation would be blessed to join this endeavor.
  3. You can choose to donate yourself. I can tell you that this site will accept donations starting at $1. I know that every dollar is earned by your hard work so I value and treat it as such. 
If you wish for further information please feel free to contact me at anytime at laci_renee@yahoo.com

I hope that if nothing else you have been made more aware of the violence that is reeking havoc in our world and more importantly that there is hope and a safe future for the poor is being made possible everyday. Won't you help be apart of that change?

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