Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Motivations: A day of many firsts

Firsts things first on my day of firsts!
( I promise I will not be channeling Dr. Seuss 
for this, but one day...) 

Monday October 7th will be looked back on in a weeks time, 8 months and 10 months from now at the very least.

A weeks time I will look back because I 
started a new book today. 

I was having a discussion with my flat mate last week and come to find out C.S. Lewis is from Belfast! And there's evidence of him EVERYWHERE now that I'm aware of it. We both shamefully admitted that neither of us had read hardly any of his work. I mentioned a book that I had heard of before but was brought up again at a small group discussion about a week ago. I'm not usually the one shaking my "No" when someone asks if a particular book has been read; especially when EVERYONE else in the room had read said book!

The book in question is called The Screwtape Letters.

 The given synopsis is that the book entertains with sly and ironic portrayal of human life from the vantage point of the demon Screwtape. At once wildly comic and strikingly original the correspondence of the worldly-wise old devil to his nephew Wormwood shows C.S. Lewis at his darkest and most playful.

Well to my surprise Jenni (Flatmate) received a package and asked me to open it- inside we two copies of the book; 
one for each of us.

Like I said, I started today and am already on the 5th chapter. Jenni is on holiday this week and said she intended on having it finished by the end of her trip. 
So my goal is set as well!

Today also marks the first day my new Bible reading plan. I am reading Dr. Horner's plan on my Bible app 
and it has me reading an average of 10 chapters a day 
for the next 8 months. 

I have read the New King James Version of the Bible and usually prefer the New International Version for most of my studies but I was recently introduced to The Message version. While I do not think that it's a the best choice for newer believers, I do think it's a great read for those who have been in faith for a substantial about of time; who could use another way of looking at things and maybe get a deeper perspective. The original goal was to go front to back, cover to cover in the Bible at 5 chapters a day for 10 months but since I have done that before I'm reaching out on limb and trying a set plan that takes me all over the Bible each day.

And 10 months from now- Whew! I wish I could fast forward to THAT!

I restarted my fitness plan that I was on two summers ago. I did a program called AthLEAN XX and ate much cleaner and saw such a difference in only two months. I cannot wait to see where I'll be in 10 months! Now I am really going to work my tail off incredibly hard for the first 10 weeks since that'll be the time that I go home for a little holiday break and it would be lovely to see a good bit of difference by then. 

But then I want to keep it up for the rest of my time here in Northern Ireland. The plan is work until 5pm, home to exercise until 6, shower, cook, blog and THEN free time! So that's easily 4 days a week with my work schedule. I am going to try to get in some carido as well on my days off. And for Day 1 my eating habits were amazing! I will be doing a Fitness Update every Friday so if you want to shed those inches with me NOW'S a good time to start!
A little motivation from Hillary Swank 
for a push in the right direction...

That should do it :)

And finally TODAY was my first meeting out and about representing IJM on my own! I managed two buses into the city center and met up with the Queen's University Chaplaincy, as well as representatives for both Christian Aid and No More Traffic.

I felt confident in my knowledge of the topic but was a bit nervous being around people who have been IN the field for such a time and here I was coming in as an intern. Regardless I was there to represent my boss, Ruth as she and the other organization's representatives will be on a panel this Sunday to discuss the issue of human trafficking.  

Well I must have said something right because that Chaplain asked me to be on the panel as well!

The panel is Human trafficking organization representative 

to there to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking on 

the main university campus in the capital of Northern Ireland, 


This will hopefully mean that I'll have some good stuff to share a week from now as well. 


So yes it has been a productive day intellectually with my reading as well as spiritually. My legs are screaming at me in a burning pain that I recall being a sign of physical productivity. And I don't even know what you could categorize that last bit of good news under but I bet "awesome" would be in the title somewhere. 

What's something that you can start today that 
you've maybe been putting off? 
Hop to it and do it to it!

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