Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sabbath Sundays

Happy Sunday Funday All!
Today I accompanied my flat mate, Jenni, to her church-
Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church
It was a beautiful church (as I'm learning most churches here are).It was traditional in the look, the pews-where the bench width so small you feel as though you might slide right off it,and the smell of time well spent within the walls lingering about.
Yet it was modern enough to have a projector screen, live band, and up-to-date presentation videos of different projects.
Today's message was set upon the biblical foundation of
1 Peter 2:4-15
The discussion centered on how the statistics of church goers within both the UK and Northern Ireland have and continue to drop dramatically. And that no amount revising music choices, sermon topics, or venue upgrades will make a difference because the people who come through the doors to begin with are "churchy people".
This led into the fact that we must live our lives in such a manner that the nonbeliever will see us as different, in a good way. We ought to get to know our neighbors or offer a hand of help to strangers. If we come to know others- right where they are, in the midst of their lives- then they will eventually want to know more about us. Only then will new people be coming through the church doors. When we give them a reason. One that they can see with their own eyes that Christ followers are full of hope for a reason, then maybe they can shift their focus on what cannot be physically seen but fully felt within their hearts.

Lesson Summary- Be good to one another regardless of who the "another" is- as it may come to be the way through which they come to know the faith of the Holy Spirit, the hope of Jesus and the love of the Father.
Be good to one another
and God Bless you all. 

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