Thursday, September 12, 2013

How To Get a One Way Fare on the Metro

A Hey city slicker! Or if you're reading this post you may be more like me which is not so street savy when it comes to making your way through the big bad city.

Which ever the case, you're in a city and you need to get around,but like most travelers your funds may not equip you to have the luxury of taking a smelly cab and being stuck in city traffic.
You're heartbroken, I know.

"I'll just take the metro."

And then you see this beast.

And all of a sudden that smelly expensive cab sounds like an amazing idea! 

Do not lose hope! Here's what you do to hold your own against the suited individuals around you!

Disclaimer: if at any point you make a mistake there's a handy dandy cancel button that allows you to start fresh! 


I know this machine looks intimidating but it can easily be broken down into a couple steps:


A.)  In the top left hand corner you will see  "Fare Periods". You are looking for the day of the week as well as the time of day that you will be using the metro.

Think of this as if you're booking a hotel during peak season or off season. Different times and days have different prices! Same with the metro! 

So find your day and time in that top left hand corner to determine if you are traveling during peak or off peak.  

Mine was a Thursday after 7pm so it was "off peak".

Then there's a big scary look chart directly below you days/times and this chart has all of the metro stop locations! They make it easy since all the locations are alphabetical- find your stop and follow the line to the right and you will see both peak and off peak prices. 

Again mine was off peak so my price was $1.85. 

*This chart will also have colored dots to indicate which "line" you'll be traveling on. For instance the blue line into Farragut Square is the train you'd be keeping an eye out for.*

B.)  Now find the large "1" in a yellow circle on the dark blue part of the machine that says SELECT PURCHASE.

Good job, you! This is where you inform the machine what kind of fair you are looking for. A multiple use pass vs a one way fare.

For my one way fare, my button was "B" but it's always good to read the options thoroughly to make sure they haven't changed. 

Here's where I got confused!

C.) The price started at $15 on the screen. When based on my day and time it was only to cost me $1.85. Don't panic!  Use the white buttons below the machine!

The button on the left is going to represent the dollar value ($) and the button on the right represents the change portion.

WARNING: most machines will require an additional $1 for a paper card ( one way ) so if you see this message on your machine you will have to add $1 to your fare.

So for example: my screen showed a value of $15. I pressed the (-) button on the left / the dollar ($) side until the price read $3.00. Then pressed the (-) button on the right / change side until the screen showed $2.85. 

  Fare for the day and time 
+$1.00 paper charge


To confirm your amount to be paid- press the "C" button.


You can pay your fare by cash, credit or debit. 

You will now be working in the light blue area of the machine.

To pay with a card look at the screen and the prompter should ask you which form you will be using, credit or debit. 
For my machine, to pay with credit you pressed the "B" button or for debit you pressed the "C" button. And then used the follow area on the right side of the machine to make your transaction.

A.) Insert your card in the bottom
B.) enter your pin on the keypad 
C.) take your receipt 

To pay with cash use the area on the left side of the machine.

A.) insert your bills
B.) insert your change (optional but be warned- these machines will only give change up to $10)


The dark blue portion of the bottom of this machine only has one are to it. 

Your farecard will be distributed from this area- take it and Go have yourself an adventure! 

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