Monday, September 9, 2013

Good morning Bloggers

It is my first day at my new internship. I spent the night in a lovely apartment (bunk beds!) and made two new friends there. 

DC is gorgeous! A lot of hustle and bustle but 
the people seem wonderful!

My host cooked a delicious dinner for myself and the other intern staying with us!

And then she left us a nice little 
breakfast spread this morning!

It's quite the blessing to have someone look out for you when you are a complete stranger, but she is none the less.

My roomie and I were up before the sun (not my preferred time of day by any means) and out to catch the bus just as the dew was starting to lift from the grass. 

The bus stop was full of men in suits and women ready to take on the business world. As two newbies- we didn't have a card to swipe (the card holds the money for the bus ride) so I went to pay cash.The driver stopped me because I was about to put a $20 in expecting change.

"You don't get no change, Miss." 

He chuckled to himself and motioned us onto the bus anyway. 

And this leaves us at the beginning of...

Bring it on DC!

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